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We would like to take this opportunity to introduce you to our family of companies.

Panya is a leading manufacturer of forged metal, fabricated steel wire consumer products, currently specializes in the design and manufacturing of ornamental lawn and garden products and fireplace accessories. Also, Panya is a leading manufacturer of floral supplies, painted fine wires, glass marbles and gems and other small decorative glasswares.

Our customers include the largest retailers in the USA including, Wal-Mart, Lowe's, Michael's,Mernards as well as leading retailers throughout Europe and other countries. Panya specializes in providing low cost-high volume products enabling retailers to enjoy high initial margins and competitive advantages in their markets.


Our talented design, engineering, and logistic teams are located in Shanghai, Tianjin and Shijiazhuang PRC. We are able to work with you efficiently from the beginning "design stage" to the final "ship stage"

Our core managing teams in China mostly have the overseas business and living experience, understanding our retail environment and our logistics systems. 

Our Sales, with over 20 years of sales experience, travels effectively between China and the overseas to monitor sales, develop business strategies and to insure customer satisfaction.

Our chief designer, has over 25 years' experience designing consumer products that have been sold through major retailers throughout the world. He supervises design staffs in both China and overseas to insure professional results.

Manufacturing Capabilities

We have six manufacturing plants in China: a high volume glass factory, four steel fabricating plants and a natural stone plant. We manage these facilities to insure the highest quality and the lowest costs possible. From fabricating wire products to powder coating tubular steel, to pouring glass to forging steel, we have craftsmen and skilled employees who can design and produce a tremendous range of products at competitive prices. In our China operations alone we employ over 1000 skilled workers. Our facilities are located in the heart of the industrial manufacturing regions of North Central China. With abundant energy resources and redundant power supplies our facilities are designed to operate when others may not. The Panya family of companies is ideally positioned to provide you with maximum flexibility in product sourcing and maximum profits from consumer products.

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